Chapter 24 – RAM air scoop base

I didn’t get much done on the build today as I ended up watching my little buddy for a good portion of the day.

I was able to determine the general configuration of the RAM air scoop base, or mounting flange if you will, and then taped off the bottom of the fuselage as a mold release forward of the hell hole hatch cover.

I then laid up 2 plies of BID.  The first ply partially overlapped onto the bottom face of the hell hole hatch cover for about an inch on the inboard edge (look at black “L” shaped lines at front edge of cover) while the majority simply abutted the front edge of the cover.

The second and final ply (this round) overlapped onto the front edge of the hell hole hatch cover a good 1.5″ and then covered the same remaining area as ply #1.  I then peel plied the layup and left it to cure.

A good 5 hours later I pulled the peel and separated the 2 plies from the duct tape mold release fairly easily (no repeat of the RAM air scoop flange!!).

I was going to remove the cover and glass a ply of BID at the inside seams between the hell hole hatch cover and this new RAM air scoop mounting base (note the strips of 2″ peel ply along the front edge of the hell hole hatch cover, on the underside of this 2-ply layup), but the glass seemed a bit soft and looked like it needed another good 2-3 hours for a fuller cure (I used fast hardener).

Thus I simply left it to cure overnight and called my work day done.

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