Chapter 25 – A few pinholes

Admittedly after the fairly intense prep leading up to the bottom primer, and then actually knocking out laying down the primer on the bottom surfaces of the plane … well, I didn’t get a lot done today.

I did spend nearly 2 hours carefully assessing the surface of the cured primer to identify any problem areas.  Across all the surfaces I found about 6 pinholes, 8 minor divots (2-4mm in diameter), and some depressions along the strake-fuselage corner that needed filling.  All in all I had about 20 areas total that needed addressing.

Again, since I’m experimenting to a degree on the bottom of the plane to dial in my processes for the arguably more critical topside surfaces, I decided to use West 410 here as my filler… mind you for the stuff bigger than pinholes.

I started with straight West epoxy with 205/fast hardener in the pinholes, then mixed up some West 410 to a creamy peanut butter consistency for the other fills.  I then did my filling duties with that mix.

I did check everything a few hours later and it all looked good…. I’m thinking the West 410 as a minor body paste filler should work fine here.

I never made it back out the shop, and I’m taking tomorrow off to go to the beach since the weather is starting to get noticeably cooler and there won’t be nearly as many sunny warm beach days coming up.

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