Chapter 25 – Bottom blue paint

Today I started by knocking out a comparatively quick micro finishing application on the aft nose/avionics cover. Before I started I snagged one last shot of the cover in its unfinished state.

I then mixed up a fair bit of straight micro (as compared to adding West 410 filler) and slathered it onto the aft nose/avionics cover.

I then got busy painting the final blue coat on the fuselage, as well as the 2nd coat of blue paint on the canopy frame… both shown here.

Another shot of the canopy frame in its 2nd coat of blue paint.

And a shot of the bottom of the nose and fuselage in its final coat of blue paint.

Some shots of the aft bottom fuselage in its final coat of blue paint.

I didn’t recoat the landing brake depression in the bottom of the fuselage, since it currently has 2 coats of blue paint… which I determined is enough for it.

As before, I painted the final coat of blue on the nose hatch door, nose gear fairing, and nose gear doors.

As I also did on the RAM air scoop/hell hole hatch cover and the landing brake.

Although I mixed up the same amount of blue paint as I did the last round, I had a good bit left over… I guess I must be finally learning to lay down the paint in lighter coats!  So what to do with it?

I didn’t want to waste the extra blue paint, so I quickly sanded and cleaned the milling machine CNC control box before applying the excess paint to it.

After painting the CNC control box door, I wedged a piece of steel bar into the latch and set it in the open position as I painted the rest of the control box.

With even more blue paint left in the cup, I quickly cleaned up the old rusty shop electrical box and applied a good coat of blue paint on it as well.

I then left all the blue painted components to cure overnight.

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