Chapter 25 – Final fuselage refill

Today I was able to knock out the final forward/bottom fuselage and nose West 410 “micro” big refill.  Yes, that’s right sports fans, I used only West 410 “micro” on this round.

I suspect I’ll have one more round to fill in any minor divots or depressions, but that will not require mixing up multiple batches of this stuff to slather all over the place.

One significant area I’ll point out is the lower fuselage “corner” just immediately forward of the left main landing gear.  This corner was a bit thin with micro fill and was fairly noticeable with the naked eye, so I added a bit more micro fill to create a nice continuing curve along this lower “corner” of the fuselage from nose to firewall.

With that, I took the rest of the day and evening off to do some well-earned relaxing.

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