Chapter 25 – Fuselage finish, Round 2

Yesterday I actually knocked out the next major fill on the forward/bottom fuselage and nose area “micro” finish.  However, I failed to get pics of that fill in raw form… and didn’t realize this until after I sanded down the refill today.

Also, to be clear I still used a mixture of West 410 and standard micro for the refill.  I wanted to test this mix to see if it was viable to use for subsequent fills after the initial fill… it really seems to work fine and I didn’t have the problem of blending and fairing in softer new micro vs older harder cured micro.

I will note that it was NOT my intention to get into a traditional “sand and fill” finish process on any surface of this plane, but I was admittedly way low in my filling of some areas of the fuselage and nose…. again, mainly those areas on the sides around the F22 bulkhead, and the bottom area in-between the nose gear doors and the landing brake.  The rest of the areas requiring refill were just much smaller and manageable divots, troughs or depressions that simply didn’t get enough fill on the first pass.

Again, here are pics of the re-filled and re-sanded forward/bottom fuselage and nose areas.

I have to note that I failed yet again to get full coverage on this initial RE-fill of the “micro” finish and will need to do a final round of heavy refill to get the micro/410 to the level I need for a final smooth contour of the forward/bottom fuselage and nose.

But it’s late so I’ll do that refill tomorrow.

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