Chapter 25 – Fuselage cake frosting #2

Today I was finally able to finish the prep on the landing brake and the nose gear fairing and doors to start “frosting the cake” on the bottom/forward fuselage and nose.

I started out my adventure by leaving the nose gear down (up, as inverted here) just a bit so the taped gear doors would be in the open position.  Then I whipped up some flocro with some fast (West 205) hardener and laid it in along the edge of the open nose gear doors.

This of course was to create a hard edge and gap along the gear doors so that when they open the outboard edge of each gear door is resting on the original fuselage/nose bottom surface.

I then prepped the West 410/micro mix (rough 3-4:1 micro to 410) and started filling in from the aft section and around the landing brake going forward.  I did a number of rounds of fill before I got to the nose gear door area, at which point I simply “raised” the gear into the stowed position.  With the fast 205 hardener used on the flocro along the gear doors, by this point it was nearly fully cured.

I then continued the fill —for over 6 hours total— on the bottom/forward fuselage and nose.  As you can see I went fairly high up on the sides of the fuselage so I have a lot less work to do when I flip this bird back upright.

I also got a good fill around the very forward nose-positioned landing light and think it will turn out pretty darn nice when I sand this out.

With that, and a round of cheese-grating that I got no pics of, I left this “micro” application to cure overnight.

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