Chapter 25 – Fuselage white paint

Today I started off by wiping down the bottom of the nose, fuselage and strakes with Simple Green to clean off the residue from wet sanding.

I then taped up the edge of the black accent stripe and the bottom of the nose, fuselage and strakes in prep for white paint.

I then painted the bottom of the nose, fuselage and strakes with roll-on white paint.

I’ll note here that after my discussion with Jason at Epifanes I simply focused on a good coat of white without any brush tipping.

I have to say that I’m very pleased with this coat of paint.  I found one run and few minor depressions about the size of a quarter on the bottom the right strake… which I will fill before the next round of paint.

I had planned on wet sanding the gear legs and painting the black swooshes at the top of the gear legs at the fairings, close to the fuselage…. but I was honestly just feeling spent so I ended up taking it easy for the rest of the evening.

I’ll work on the gear first thing tomorrow after I fill the minor depressions on the right strake.

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