Chapter 25 – Gear legs final primer

I started off today spending yet another couple of hours sanding down the second/gray coat of primer on the gear legs.

I did quite an aggressive sanding to really dial in the shape of the gear legs and fairings, although I primarily used only 320 grit wet sandpaper on this round.  In the process I found about a dozen areas that needed refilling before the next round of primer, which will be white.  Moreover, I’m hoping this next round of primer will be the last coat of primer required before I paint the gear legs.

Since these were mostly very small blemishes and pin-type divots requiring filling, and I didn’t want to wait for a full epoxy cure cycle, I used Metal Glaze to fill them.

After the final sanding and contouring of the gear legs, including the new round of refills, I then mixed up some white primer —without any thickening micro— and applied it to the gear legs.

I painted on a medium coat of the white primer and it came out pretty nice.

Here we have a shot of the gear legs in primer coat #3, white primer…. again, hopefully this will be the last coat of required primer.

As before, I also applied white primer to the Aft Nose/Avionics Cover.

Also as before I didn’t get a “before” shot of the Aft Nose/Avionics Cover sanded and prepped before I laid down this coat of white primer.  As with the gear legs, I’m hoping this will be the last coat of required primer for this part.

I will note that beyond sanding down this coat of white primer on the Aft Nose/Avionics Cover, I won’t be doing anything else with it until I integrate it into the nose, with the canopy, for final fitting, fill and paint.

Tomorrow I plan on finally getting to laying down the first coat of white paint on the nose, fuselage and strakes.


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