Chapter 25 – Gear black accent

I’m still feeling a bit under the weather so I only got the bare minimum done today in the shop.

I started by retaping all the protective paper in place and placing the cardboard to ensure no black paint gets on any of the rest of the fuselage, etc.

I then mixed up a small batch of black paint and added the second coat to the top of gear fairing accent swooshes.

I then assessed my 3 fills of the minor divots on the bottom of the strakes and decided I didn’t like the texture of the one coat of white paint over the Metal Glaze.  I’m thinking another coat of paint —after sanding with 600 grit— would probably cover it fine, but since I am not sanding the white coat and repainting tonight as planned I figured I would sand these spot refills lightly and very lightly cover them with a coat of primer…. which I did.

I also removed the nose gear fairing and doors to tape them up in prep for a final coat of white paint on the interior when I paint the final white paint coat on the strakes.

With that, here’s a final shot of the second coat of black paint on the top of the left gear fairing accent swoosh…. and, yes, I realize it looks pretty much like the first coat.  I’m just documenting what I’m doing on this build!

And with that, I left the paint to cure and called it a night.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 25 – Gear black accent

    • Hey Bob,

      I’m back. Was working on a bunch of machining upgrades, etc, etc, etc.

      All is good. Took a few months off.

      Continuing the push! Will update the blog soon!


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