Chapter 25 – Gear legs in primer

I started out today by hauling the fuselage outside to sand down the epoxy-wiped gear legs.

I figured it would take me 2-3 hours to sand the gear legs, not the 5 hours that it actually took me… the light at the top of the pic below is actually the moon!

After the 5-hour sanding project, I then pulled the fuselage back into the shop.  Next I sanded down the epoxy-wiped refills on the aft nose/avionics cover (in the foreground in the pic below).

I then whipped up some white thickened primer and applied it to the gear legs.

Almost simultaneously with the mixing up of primer, I also mixed up some black paint to recoat the fuselage/nose/strake accent stripe…. which these pics show both the gear legs in primer and the recoated black accent stripe.

I also applied the thickened white primer on the aft nose/avionics cover.

Another shot of the primered aft nose/avionics cover

So my sanding of the gear legs took a lot longer than I expected, meaning I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had planned on today.  Still, knocking out the gear leg sanding and getting them in primer is a significant milestone.  Tomorrow I’ll press forward to finish as many tasks as possible to get this fuselage flipped back upright.

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