Chapter 25 – Wing bottom epoxy wipes

Today was all about getting the bottom of the wings epoxy wiped with pure West epoxy. I did do some minor tasks in between like remove the nose gear wheel well doors and strut in prep for sanding, priming and painting, but for the most part the entire day was focused on these epoxy wipes.

The first pair of pics of below are after the second of 5 wipes total.  The average cure time in between the wipes was 1.5 to 2 hours.  Albeit between the second and third wipe was over 3 hours.

It is quite interesting (IMO) that the first wipe took 3 pumps of West epoxy per wing for a total of 6 across both wings.  The second wipe took almost exactly half that with 1.5 pumps per wing, 3 total.  For wipes 3-5 we (Jessica helped me on the last few) used 1 pump of epoxy per wing.

These last 2 shots are of the wings with the 5 total wipes after they cured.

I have to say it’s pretty cool to see the wings looking shiny with epoxy and feel fairly slick and smooth when you run your hands across them.  Even the sound is a bit different if you tap the surface since these are now “hard shelled.”

With the wings epoxy wiped, tomorrow I plan on jumping back on to the aft fuselage and bottom cowling junction to finish that up as best possible.

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