Chapter 25 – Wing-strake seams cut

First off, the PMag arrived back this morning from Brad & Gang at E-Mag Air Ignitions in Texas.  That task is complete… now just have to get the cooling air duct constructed for it and get it back onto the engine.

Last night I started messing around a bit with some cardboard and tape just to get a general idea of the winglet intersection fairing.  I was just going out to the shop to grab something and had a box in my hand that was going into the recycle bin… it never made it.

Since I didn’t have my phone with me during my “quick” jaunt to the shop, I grabbed these shots this AM.

Again, this is just some preliminary/visual thinking out loud regarding this fairing.  I suspect I’ll be employing what Dave Berenholtz calls “eyeball engineering” quite a bit on this effort.  Moreover, mimicry and outright plagiarism of Dave B. and James Redmon’s fairing designs will be the foundational hallmark of this undertaking.

I then spent a good half hour each side pulling peel ply off the wing/strake/CS spar layups from yesterday, and the subsequent clean-up of all the peel ply boogers.

I then marked and cut the dividing lines between the respective wings and strakes, based off my previous marks that I had made prior to the layups.

Here’s the left side:

I did the same thing on the right side as well.  Another significant task in the “done” column!

Another serendipitous find I made late last night as I was checking up on all the FB canard group posts was this little gem from Burrall Sanders.  I have been pondering in my mind just how to mount my oil cooler in a lightweight manner while still being able to remove the bottom cowling without it causing pain & drama.

I thought about mounting it to the CS spar with as lightweight as possible mounts, then turned that into just mounting it to the bottom cowling —par normal— with temporary mounts that I would install on the CS spar just during lower cowl removal.  And then I stumbled upon this option: mounting the oil cooler full time to the left wing flange, with some screws also securing it to the lower cowling (to keep the seal tight).

I will seriously consider this option given that it’s a reasonable assessment that the cowlings are taken off and put back on way more often than the wings are… so I think this could be a very viable solution for me.  More to follow.

Tomorrow I plan on starting the journey of the top cowling install, interspersed with other likely magnificent surprises (ha!) as well.

Calling it a night!

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