Chapter 26 – Trick or Treat!

For the record, today fell into the TREAT category!


Well, yesterday I spent a fair amount of the day emailing back and forth with Dave and Lisa from Oregon Aero seats to work out all the info I needed to provide them to enable them to cut the front and rear seat cores for my Long-EZ.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m so far behind schedule that I’m not going to play around with trying to save a penny or a dime here and there by constructing my own seat cores.

What finalized my decision?

Well, I just went up to the DC area to pick up the last of some stuff I had stored at some friends’ house. On the way back I stopped off for the night at Marco and Gina’s (I haven’t seen both in a while, so it was a great –albeit brief– visit! I mean, between Gina’s phenomenal cooking and taking a hop in Marco’s awesome Long-EZ, it was a definitely a nice break!).

One thing that I asked Marco to do was to coordinate with Chris Cleaver to see if he was available to show me his newly upholstered seats. Moreover, I wanted to get a “butt test” in to try them out since he had a local guy do them for considerably less than Oregon Aero would cost. I have to say, they were beautiful seats on the upholstery side, but —FOR ME— the butt test left a lot to be desired. I really like the way the Oregon Aero seats feel over the one I tried in Chris’s bird.

So on the way home Monday I gave Oregon Aero a call to get the ball rolling.

The next day (yesterday) I started working some pic mods to show Oregon Aero my seat dimensions for both the front and rear seats.

Here I’ve repurposed one of the pics Dave from Oregon Aero sent me to show the various widths of my front seat.

I then snapped this shot to show the different widths at the forward area of the front seat.

Then came the front-to-back measurements for the front seat. Below is the thigh support and seat pan areas.

Below is the front seat back dimensions, which I tweaked a bit in my verbal description to Oregon Aero.

Here we have a gee wiz shot of the top front seat back height.

For the rear seat I just did a side-view line drawing that depicted both the profile dimensions and the widths.

Getting all the dimensions and formatting them to ensure Oregon Aero had the correct data really took up most of the day, but I’m glad I got it out of the way and have them now hard at work making up my seat foam cores!

After pulling the trigger today I should have the cores in hand between mid-to-late December. Yet another reason I wanted to get the ball rolling now since I figured it would take a few months to get the cores, test them, tweak any changes and send them back for mods and upholstery.

In addition, I’m having them make me up the armrests and the headrests.

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