Chapter 3 – Bob is dead :(

Or shall we say Bob (my 3D printer) is currently in a coma and non-responsive.  Alas, it was a good run Bob!

Here’s the story.  After I printed out the oil dipstick/filler tube extension, I not surprisingly had a number of other parts in the queue to 3D print.  I got a number of those items printed over the next couple of days and was doing a fair bit of CAD work as well.

Then out of nowhere Bob up and died.

I spent a good couple of days troubleshooting Bob’s ailment, but much like today’s doctors I couldn’t figure it out, so I left him to die… alone… in the corner. (ha)  [I’ll fix him later when I have time to troubleshoot EVERYTHING].

If you’ve read more than just a couple of my blog posts or have watched any of my videos, you know that 3D printing has become indispensable to me for modeling up or making Long-EZ parts.  Especially checking out fit, function and design before machining parts.

I spent a couple of days researching a replacement 3D printer that wasn’t going to break the bank, and also wanted to ensure the printer was configured such that would allow me to somewhat easily relocate the major components (power supply, electronics, and control screen) off the frame to enclose it for 3D printing ABS.

The answer was this machine: the Sovol SV-06.

With a pretty good idea of what my plan would be to enclose this 3D printer, I started collecting/buying materials and slapping stuff together immediately after I pulled the trigger to buy it.

A few days later I received the new 3D printer and had it unboxed and together in 20 minutes.  Within the next couple of days I had it dialed in and printing well.  And also enclosed in my hack, makeshift enclosure (I have front doors for the enclosure but got so busy printing that I resorted to merely shoving an insulated foam board against the front to keep the heat in . . .  combat 3D printing!)

So I’m back up and running with a working 3D printer, and am loving my new capability of printing ABS!

Moving on!

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