Chapter 4 & 14 – Extrusion & Firewall

Today was kind of a slow build day, but I did get a couple of things knocked off the list.

The first thing was I drilled the 1/4″ holes into the vertical leg of the upper right engine mount extrusion & through the longeron.

Bolt holes in engine mount extrusion

I then test fitted a couple of AN4 bolts in the holes.  Nice & snug and the holes look good.

Test fitting bolts in extrusion

I then backtracked to finish a step in Chapter 4 that is about 5 years late in the making: glassing the front face of the firewall with 1 ply of BID.  I had held off initially to wait to see if I needed to added any screws, etc. and just never got around to glassing it.

I used the firewall as a template to mark & cut the BID at a 45° bias.

Cutting BID for forward firewall face

I then took the firewall outside and sanded it down with a DA sander to prep it for glass.

Forward firewall face

I set the BID in place on the firewall then pulled it down and wet out just the top side of the firewall face.

Covering forward firewall face

Then I set the BID in place on the top side of the firewall, rolled the BID up towards the top and wetted out the bottom of the firewall face with epoxy.

Covering forward firewall face

I then wet out the entire BID on the firewall face.

Forward firewall face covered with 1-ply BID

With the BID wetted out on the face of the firewall, I then peel plied the entire layup.

Forward firewall face BID peel ply

Tomorrow I’ll pull the peel ply and clean up this layup.  I’ll also work some more on the upper engine mount extrusions to get them bolted in place, and then prep for glassing in the lower engine mount extrusions.  Once I finish with the engine mount & extrusions, I’ll be back working on the wheel pants again.


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