Chapter 5 – Fuselage Sides

This post focuses on the Main Landing Gear Mount Area that is bordered by the angled LWX to the front, LWY to the top and a doubled angle-to-angle triangular stringer along the bottom.  Although the plans call for Urethane foam (yellow and easily formed) I opted to put the denser, stronger blue Divinycell (same as fuselage sides) in the open filler cavity, in-between all the border Spruce pieces, even though it’s more difficult to work with.  The first pic below shows a foam wedge already in the fill space with another foam fill piece ready to be micro’d in place into the open space remaining.  The second pic shows the foam fill piece micro’d in place and micro being applied to the top of the foam in prep for glassing.  Also, note the flox filling in the gaps that were left by the saw blade, required to bend the Spruce stringer to follow the bottom contour of the fuselage.

The next set of pics below shows the open space of the main landing gear mount area in the lower rear corner of the right fuselage side filled with foam and ready for glassing with a layer of micro across the foam.  In the second pic, you can see the F28 Bulkhead doubler being mocked up and test-fitted near the front of the fuselage side.

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