Chapter 5 – Right Fuselage Side Glassing

Yes!  First large glassing step goes well.  This took about 8 hours from initial prep to final peel ply.  My first exposure to the marathon glassing sessions.  As you can see, the inside side of the right fuselage is covered with two layers of UNI (technically UND but we all call it “UNI”) each 30 degrees from the edge, so they intersect at quite a shallow angle (you can see the angled reference lines in each direction that I drew on the foam surface).  Once the glass is laid up, then the peel ply is added almost as a top layer of epoxy, with also just enough epoxy to wet it out, but not too little as to steal any away from the glass/epoxy layup under it.

Right Fuselage Side - Glassed & Peel Plied


The pic on the left below shows the finished left & right longerons.  In the pic on the right the right longeron is floxed and clamped to the top inside edge of the fuselage.

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