Chapter 6 – Fuselage Bottom Glassing & Repair

I cut the first ply (1 whole piece) of BID for the GIB (“Guy or Gal In Back”… the rear passenger, but the slang is “GIB,” so ya better get used to the idear, see!?) floor just forward of the rear seat ‘pan’ I glassed last night. I also cut the second ply (2 pieces) that would be used later for the entire back half of the fuselage floor. And since I was cutting glass, I cut 3 more separate pieces for more delam repair layups on the front half floor.

Glassing Rear PAX's FloorI glassed the first layer of BID on the GIB floor area as well as laying up glass for the remaining delams: the rear incline of the front seat divot, and two spots at the very forward edge of the fuselage floor.

Chap 6 - Fuselage Bottom Glassing/Repair

Once all the glass looked good and excess epoxy was squeegeed out, I finished all the individual layups with peel ply.

Chap 6 - Fuselage Bottom/Front Edge Repair

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