Chapter 6 – Starting the Fuselage Repair

In preparation for starting back into my airplane building, I needed to get some epoxy.  My initial research held true and I was able to buy a lot of MGS (for some reason MGS in Germany is sold under the name Larit) epoxy and hardener for a LOT less than in the States.  And best of all:  NO SHIPPING FEES!!!

Today I went to Stuttgart and picked up 6.6 gallons of MGS 285 epoxy from the “local” epoxy vendor, Lange+Ritter.  Larit has the same specs as MGS and follows the same numbering scheme.  Luckily I had my documentation from the US in case I needed to double-check any info, considering all the labels are in German.  Also, picked up two 1.3 gal jugs of the slow hardener and one 1.3 gal jug of the fast hardener.

Larit (MGS) Epoxy & Hardener

The first step in the fuselage repair is to make foam inserts to replace the crushed foam on the fuselage.  Like I said above, luckily I brought a bunch of spare foam with me.  The one slight issue I have with the foam is that I don’t have any pieces long enough, so I’ll have to micro two pieces together.  No worries . . . let the repairs begin!

Prepping spare foam fuselage repair inserts for micro

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