Chapter 9 – Spin… that… wheel!

Today I got the tire & tube mounted to the other  wheel.  Since I was trying to get at least this one thing completed for the build before I headed out to dinner, I didn’t balance the yellow stripe on the wheels, so I guess that will somehow either make the plane fly crooked or the wheels not in synch!  Although I try not to sweat the small stuff or be too anal as to add unneeded time to the build, had I noted the position of the yellow stripe, I would have mounted the tires symmetrically.

Just like the previous wheel I inflated newly mounted tire to 50 PSI.  I’ll watch the tire pressures for about a week and make sure they sustain 50 PSI, and when I’m sure that they’re are no leaks, I’ll inflate both tires to 70 PSI.

Here they are, my officially mounted tires!  Again, I’m running Lamb 11 x 4.00-5 tires on Matco W50LT wheels.

Both tires & tubes mountedWheels with tires mounted

I then added the brake assemblies to the wheels for these pics.  I’ll still have to torque the bolts to the appropriate specs as I do final mounts on each of the wheel components, so the only actual torque job on my immediate list is the main wheel halves.

Brake assemblies mounted to wheelsWheels, brakes & tires

Finally, here’s a couple shots showing the width & depth of the brake assembly mounted to the inboard of each wheel.

Wheels, brakes & tiresWheel & brake assembly

Again, tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday so although there will be a fair amount of tours of my EZ-building shop, I highly doubt if I’ll get any work done on the plane.



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