Chapter 9 – This & that… etc.

I got a late start today so I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted to tonight.

I started out today by removing the peel ply from the main landing gear bolt swap foam insert layups.

Final clean on main gear bolt swap layups

I figured at some point I should add a selfie for the FAA, so here it is!

Yes, I'm building it!

After cleaning up the aft fuselage landing gear bolt layups I then marked up the lower firewall to cut for adding the extension.

Marking up lower firewall for extension

I then marked the lower firewall to cut the matching “puzzle piece” interfaces with the wood extension piece.

Marking up lower firewall for extension

After cutting the “puzzle piece” notches in the lower firewall, I then test fitted the firewall extension.

Test fitting lower firewall extension

I then floxed the firewall extension piece to the lower firewall & glassed with 1 ply of BID.

4" firewall extension floxed & glassed

And peel plied the lower firewall extension addition.

Firewall extension layup peel plied

After glassing the firewall extension I then traced the gear leg brake disk heat shield template onto the 0.09″ thick 6061 Aluminum plate for cutting.  Again, I’m using 6061 Aluminum as a heat shield since it’s much more corrosive resistant than 2024 aluminum, and in this application, strength is not really required.

0.09" 6061 aluminum marked for cutting

I then cut out the heat shields using my jig saw.

Heat shields cut from 6061 aluminum

I then test fitted the axle mounting flanges on the heat shields.  So far, so good!

Axles mocked up on heat shields

I pulled the gear out tonight to clean it up & then mount it, but then I realized that I needed to sand the entire gear bow in preparation for attaching & glassing the gear fairing to it.  It was too late to undertake a big sanding job, so I’ll do it tomorrow.  I also plan to drill & tap a hole on each axle end so that the axles are prepped for the eventual mounting of the wheel pants.


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