Chapter 9 – Trimming Gear Fairings

I didn’t get a lot done today on the plane build, but I did spend a couple of hours cleaning up the gear fairing layups from last night.

I started by pulling the 2″ wide peel ply off the LE of both sides of the fairings.  I cleaned up the peel ply boogers and then cleaned up the top & bottom fairing edges by trimming away the excess glass with the Fein saw.  I then cut the glass on the LE with the Fein saw using the protective duct tape edge as a guide.  I didn’t take any pics of this until after I finished taping the cut line along the fairing TE with blue painters tape.  I then cut both TE edges and cleaned up the LEs & TEs with my sanding board.

Trimming gear fairing TE

Here’s a shot of left side gear fairing LE.  You can see all the other edges have been trimmed & cleaned up as well.

Gear fairing LE's trimmed

A shot of the gear fairings after getting trimmed & cleaned up.

Gear fairings LE & TE trimmed up

I then started planning the belly scoop for my RAM air, much along the line as what James Redmon has on his Berkut 13.

Playing with initial belly scoop configuration

I have a lot of errands to take care of tomorrow, so I probably won’t get much done beyond pondering my brake line interconnect between the long aluminum lines and the 9.5″ braided stainless steel lines at the brake calipers.


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