Done with Fuselage… for now

Today I knife cut the aft bottom fuselage layup at the front edge of the hell hole.  I removed the peel ply, sanded and cleaned it up a bit.

I put 1-ply of bid on the rear seat back and the rear seat pan (fuselage bottom) junction, and patched the errant hole mishap.

I turned my attention to the fuselage interior consoles (arm rests) and went to work on them in the downstairs shop.  On the Right front and the Left & Right rear seat consoles, I mounted the top to the sides with finish nails through the foam.  I then pre-pregged about a 1-1/2″ of strip of 1-ply BID and laid it up in the corner along the seam between the tops and the sides of the 3 respective consoles.  These will get more glass later when they get installed into the fuselage, so about a 3/4″-1″ overlap on each part will hold it fine.

I used straight fast hardener & let the consoles set for around 15 min, then I turned them right side up and set them on the side of the work bench, held in place with weights so that they would cure at the proper right 90°angle between top and sides.

Chap 16 & 24 - Front R console & Rear L consoleChap 16 - Rigth Rear console/arm restWhile the consoles cured, I took the remaining Trailing Edge Wing Jig pieces to the wood shop on Ramstein AB.  I cut jigs #1-4 on the band, jig & table saws to produce their desired shapes.  I then took the jigs home & finished them by drilling the holes, sanding and installing bolts, etc.

Chap 19 - Wing jigs completedChapter 19 - Wing jigs ... completed!I then wiped down fuselage to remove all the fiberglass dust, took it off the spit and began taking a myriad of pictures.

Completed fuselage"The Picture"The Help! :)



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