We call it: “Fuselage Centric” . . .

Today I started out by cutting & removing some excess glass at the bottom of the instrument panel.

I then sanded all of the interior fuselage including sidewalls, front seat, back of instrument panel, floor pan, and front of rear seat.  I also knife scraped and sanded the inside, top and immediate exterior of the upper longerons.

Sanding Interior Fuselage (hard bank! :)

Sanding Interior FuselageI sanded smooth a micro repair on the rear seat pan [You may have noticed, and I failed to mention, that when I started cutting the channel for the brake lines I cut through to the inside of the rear seat pan about an inch long.  The reason why is because the left side of the seat pan has a smaller side shelf than does the right, and I was remiss in not taking this measurement into account and was using the measurement for the left side shelf.  You can see the errant cut in the second pic below].

I decided since I was going to have some type of removable hell hole cover (Yes, let the debate over that rage on as well!) that I would clean up & shape the very back edge of the fuselage bottom.  This would also allow me to secure the first few inches of the brake lines.

So I devised a plan, and cut a triangular wedge of blue foam to build a mini ramp on the back of the fuselage bottom foam, right where it meets the bottom aft part of the rear seat.  I of course turned the fuselage back upside down to work on this.

Rear seat/aft end fuselage bottom fillRear seat/aft end fuselage bottom fillRear seat/aft end fuselage bottom fillI micro’d in the foam wedge & all the foam surfaces and laid up 2-plies of BID over the entire lower aft fuselage and aft rear seat junction.  I also covered the brake lines with dry micro and the BID plies.  To ensure it stayed in place I used some duct tape and peel plied it as well.

Rear seat/aft end fuselage bottom glass

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