Epoxy Hot Box

I finally finished the epoxy hot box.  I wired the two heating lights through a regular light switch that plugs into the wall.  Also, I finished hot wire cutting the Styrofoam insulation tiles & installing them.

Epoxy Hot Box

After finishing the hot box, I installed a 75 watt light bulb in the bottom bay and a 40 watt bulb in the top bay.  After firing it up, I quickly realized that the insulation was working as advertised… it may have been working a little too well.  The hot box quickly shot up over 125° F.

Over the last few days, I tweaked the bulb strength to dial in the temp between ~90-100° F.  The box is so well insulated, that I finally ended up with ONE 7.5 watt bulb in the bottom bay and the box stays right around 100° F.


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