Dritz Electric Scissors

I’ve been working on my Dritz electric scissors over the past week along with everything else.  I charged the battery as soon as I unpacked the kit, but when I installed the battery and tested out the scissor the blades were jammed & not moving.  They were definitely trying, but clearly something was restraining the scissor action.  Well, after disassembling the nose of the scissor, which requires taking apart the entire handle, I found a whole lot of corrosion inside the nose on the scissor blade assemblies.

I sprayed it down with WD-40 and hit it with a soft wire brush, and repeated this every couple of days for about a week. Finally, I was able to remove all the corrosion and get the scissor set back together.  When I tested the scissors, they worked as well as the first time I pulled them out of the box and used them!

Dritz Scissors

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