More power!!!

With cold winter weather continuing and temps consistently dipping down into the 20’s (F) I clearly needed to heat the garage before I could start building again.  I did some research and ended up buying two heaters from Northern Tools.

The first heater is a 120 volt ceiling mounted heater that I positioned towards the large door side of the garage.  I quickly realized that with such a hot heat source blazing away at the front corner of the garage, that I had to have some type of cutoff switch to keep the garage door from being able to be opened . . .  lest I end up with a scorched garage door as it would sit–when opened–just a foot or so below a very hot heater.

I installed a box to the side of the garage door opener with plugs for both the heater and the garage door, and an either/or switch that allows only the heater or the garage door to be powered at any one time.  This solved the potential issue of frying my garage door paint and/or a possible fire.

Heater Switch

While I had the ladder positioned to install the heater and switch, I went ahead and installed a hanging light bar to add some much needed light to the front of the garage.

Shop Heater

After the front of the garage heater was installed, I turned my sights on the second mo-jamma heater I received from Northern Tools: Big Red!  The issue with Big Red was power since it required a 240 volt / 30 amp circuit, which I didn’t have in the garage. Behind the back wall of the garage sits an HVAC/utility room and a half bathroom.  Behind that is a billiards room, with the electrical junction box on the back wall in the corner.

Thus, to use “Big Red” I needed to run a heavy 10 ga cable from the electrical box to the back wall of the garage.  I should add that this new cable run would allow me to use the 240V/30Amp plug for my TIG & MIG welders in addition to “Big Red.”

I decided the best way to run the cable from the electrical box to the garage was behind the crown molding that I had put up in the pool room.  Since I will pull this circuit when I eventually sell this house, I’m not concerned about someone discovering this cable run by accident.  So, I started by pulling down a piece of crown molding to get access to both run the wire cable forward to the garage and down behind the wall into the electrical box.

Wire Run

It was quite a pain to run the line behind the crown molding, but through trial, error, blood, sweat, tears and some cussing, I eventually got it.  While I was running the 10 ga cable I went ahead and ran a 14 ga 120V/15amp line as well to have a plug on top of my cabinets.

Added Power

Here’s a pic of Big Red installed!

Big Shop Heater

After I got Big Red installed, I grabbed a light bar from my old shop at the other house to add the final light coverage I could really use at the front of the garage.  Here’s a pic of the installed light bar (on the left) below.

More Light

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