Getting there . . . parts depot

Well, while I’m sure reading about what seems to be perpetual shop prep is not  overly exciting, believe me it’s a long slog to stay motivated to get this shop prepped.  But I’m very close to getting to the point where I can start building.

I realized that I needed two things to be able to work effectively in this shop: a storage shelf for EZ specific parts and an epoxy mixing station.

So I picked up some shelves at Lowe’s and installed them.  Since I had some white lettering I couldn’t resist labeling my “parts depot” late in the evening after putting the shelves together.

More Storage

Once I had the shelving unit in place, I assembled the epoxy mixing station, cut the shelves for it (since I dumped/burned all my wood pieces in Germany) and put it into position.

Epoxy Station

While I was organizing all my building materials, over the last few days I’ve also accomplished a near 100% inventory of parts, pieces, components and hardware.  It’s been literally years since I’ve had all my building stuff in one place, so I spent hours consolidating my hardware and electrical components into their appropriate storage bins (which I also mounted).

Parts Storage

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