Engine Jack

I picked up an engine jack from Harbor Freight on sale and have had it assembled for a couple of months now.  I haven’t stored it away since I noticed when I first jacked up the crane arm that after returning a few hours later it was not in the up position but was actually resting in the down position touching the garage floor.

Engine Jack

Since the past week I’ve been focused on finalizing the organization of the garage shop, and set about to figure out what was going on with my engine crane.  The plan is once I get the engine crane working correctly I can fold it up and get it stowed out of the way.  I pulled the user manual out and watched a couple of videos to figure out the fix actions.

I bought a bottle of hydraulic oil to add to the hydraulic jack after multiple attempts to bleed out all the excess air clearly didn’t work.  Apparently, the jack was dry since I dumped an entire bottle of hydraulic oil into it.

Engine Jack Juice

So, now I’m able to jack up a significantly heavy load with a very, very slow crane arm descent rate.  After a couple more times of bleeding out air, if the crane arm doesn’t hold its elevation, then I’ll add some more “Jack Juice.”

Engine Jack Level

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