Engine Hoist Saga Over!

Ok, I know it may not seem like such a huge ordeal, but before I stowed this engine hoist away I wanted to ensure it was working properly.  As you saw from a couple of weeks ago, I had added a full bottle of hydraulic oil to the jack so that the jack would stay up & not move with a load on it.

No joy!

I eventually had to buy more hydraulic fluid and bingo, that did the trick!  After a few days of working the jack & bleeding the air out I finally got this lemon to work!

With the drama over, I folded it up and took a pic before it went into the storage closet.

Engine Hoist

BTW, I used over a third of the hydraulic fluid from the bottle shown in the pic.  Now that this is out of the way, I should be able to finish up the shop SOON and get moving on the build.  As many of you know, working in a tight space requires a fair amount of organization!

Getting there . . .


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