Final Shop Prep

I am very close to the point where everything is organized, functional and operational to begin building.  The major issue I have is storage.  As I mentioned before, my other townhouse in Virginia has a 10’x10′ bumpout in the downstairs area that I used as extra storage, and what really helped was that I also built a large shed in the back yard that held a ton of tools and equipment.

Ok, back to here.  I have a pool table in a room just beyond the garage, which until tonight was covered in a myriad of pieces of blue wing foam, all different shapes and sizes.  Well, I consolidated as much of the pieces that are less likely to be used in the immediate upcoming steps that require blue foam (i.e. canard tips & nose construction) and stuffed them into the box that I just received the new canopy in from Todd Silver.

Blue Foam Storage

The foam I was able to cram into the repurposed canopy box is about half of the blue wing foam that I have, and since this stuff is not cheap to buy, and especially not cheap to ship, then I will keep as much of it as I can on hand until I’m done building this bird.

Once I got it all situated, I covered the end of the box with a doubled up garbage bag, and taped ‘er up.  Then this gargantuan box went up on the top shelf over the epoxy box & glass storage cabinet.

Blue Foam Box

I still  have some room in front and top of the box to store stuff as well.  The rest of the blue foam went into the garage closet that is situated about 4′ in front of the epoxy hot box, so off to the left in the pic above.

Also, to get ready for glassing I wanted to clean up the respirator masks that I use when working the MGS hardener and mixing up batches of epoxy.  Last night I dumped the respirators into the sink in some hot soapy water to let them soak overnight.  Luckily I had two sets of new filters on hand so I swapped those out and now my masks are ready to go! Let’s get some epoxy flowing!!!


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