Hangar transfer complete

Ok, so Mission Complete on getting cleared out of storage unit #3…. with most all Long-EZ project components, materials and tools out of storage units #2 & #3 and transferred to the hangar.  Then, I consolidated the remaining NON-airplane-build stuff from storage unit #3 into unit #2…. did you get all that?!

While down in NC I once again took the time to flip the engine upside down to allow the camshaft, etc. to bath in oil for a few days.   I then recharged the desiccant both in the Engine Dehydrator tub and in the individual cylinders’ spark plug dehydrators.  In the next trip or two I’ll hit all the cylinders with preservation oil . . . hopefully for one last time before I fire ‘er up!

On my last day in NC, I stopped by the hangar to do some much needed cleanup on my motorcycle and lathe, both which had some minor surface rust showing up here and there.

I also found my starter contactor which allowed me to get the dimensions off of it (again) to draw up a mounting base for it in CAD.  

I also took a bunch of measurements on the panel to verify that my panel dimensions were correct since I was going off of both memory and my very first panel cutout from 2012 to create the recent CAD sketch of the instrument panel.  Specifically, I wanted to get the new numbers since the top of the panel lost a good 3/8″ in height when I added the sub-glare shield base to the business side of the panel.

Here’s a closer shot of the fuselage in the hangar . . . also note the winglets leaning against the canard and the cowlings stored on top of the shed behind the fuselage.

And a wider angle shot of nearly my entire hangar.  Note that the boxes to the left of the fuselage are all specifically Long-EZ project related.

I also pulled out some non-aviation related wire and terminals –that I normally use for just testing purposes– to use on wiring up and testing the machining CNC stepper motors and drives.

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