It’s all about safety kids!

Just a few quick photos of my efforts tonight in installing a couple of concrete anchors to keep my drill press securely mounted to the shop floor.  That’s a tall, heavy piece of machinery that sits on a busy corner of my shop.  Plus, by using the drill press table as my mounting location for the bench grinder, I definitely want to make sure that all is secured from an inopportune, destructive and possibly very painful toppling.

I simply pulled out my Bosch mini-jack hammer and within about 10-15 seconds on each hole had the requisite depth.  That hammer drill literally drills into concrete as well as an 18V drill into soft pine!

Drill Press Safety BoltsMondo Hole Drilling!Once the holes were drilled and vacuumed clean, I grabbed my two anchors and the installing jack and started pounding away.

Concrete Bolt AnchorsBolt Anchor TapBolt Anchor SetAfter the anchors were securely in place, the hardest part was aligning holes in the drill’s base over the embedded anchors.  Below is the final product.

Drill Press Anchored!

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