My Aerial Photog stint!

For my latest haul down to North Carolina, this time around I decided to stop by Marco’s on the way down rather than my usual coming back from NC.

I met Marco at the Chesapeake Airport along with new Canardian Chris Cleaver and his freshly purchased Long-EZ built by none other than Mike Toomey.  If you’re not aware of the history, Mike Toomey and Terry Lamp (builder of Marco’s Long-EZ) were Long-EZ building buddies in Ohio, so the two planes share a lot of the same design DNA.

Within 15 minutes we were taxiing out to the runway and were airborne soon after.  

Here’s a smattering of pics that I took of Chris in his beautiful new Long-EZ.  With the location of Chesapeake Airport so close to the North Carolina line, nearly all these pics were actually taken in the northeast corner of North Carolina.

We were airborne for about 45 minutes before finally landing back at home base.

Here’s a video Marco made from my cell phone camera footage.

I will say that our little adventure definitely got me pumped up to get my bird finished!

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