**My Truck Repair**

I’m posting my truck repair efforts since it somewhat relates to the build in that it accounts for time away from the build, it facilitates traveling to & from my Long-EZ engine build up in Winchester, VA, and it gets me in an engine/mechanical mindset for the quickly approaching engine build.

I offer this post as just an FYI of what I was doing over the past few days.  I’ve been so busy on my plane build, that –especially with this extremely cold weather we’ve been having– my truck engine needed some TLC.  My check engine light has been on for quite a while, but having the code checked I knew it wasn’t anything “serious” and was either a vacuum leak or dirty/bad sensors.

So, starting out I wanted to get the engine and engine compartment MUCH cleaner to have a better starting point.

The pics below are all labeled with the tasks I did, but here’s a comprehensive list of what I did over the last couple of days:

  • Cleaned the engine and engine compartment
  • Replaced passenger side headlight bulb
  • Cleaned the MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor)
  • Removed & cleaned the Throttle Body and gasket
  • Removed & cleaned the IAC (Idle Air Control Sensor), replaced gasket
  • Replaced the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)
  • Removed & replaced 3 ignition coils
  • Removed & replaced 3 spark plug wires
  • Removed & replaced 6 spark plugs
  • Removed & replaced PCV valve and gasket
  • Removed & replaced PCV valve hose
  • Removed & cleaned upper intake plenum
  • Removed & replaced upper/lower intake plenum gasket
  • Removed & cleaned lower intake plenum
  • Removed & replaced lower intake plenum/intake manifold gasket
  • Removed & cleaned valve covers, prepped for new gaskets
  • Removed & replaced 3 spark plug tube seals on each valve cover
  • Removed, cleaned, re-RTV’d and reinstalled “Half-moon” plugs in engine heads
  • Removed & replaced Camshaft cover disks in engine heads
  • Reinstalled new valve cover gaskets and rubberized washers
  • Reassembled engine . . . and voila, runs like a champ!

Below is the new and improved –and much cleaner– engine on my truck.  The check engine light was gone as soon as I restarted it, and it runs MUCH, MUCH better.  Dare I say it’s now ready to haul an IOX-340S aircraft engine! :)

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a huge shoutout to my next door neighbor Jerry who meandered over and spent countless hours over these past 2 days helping, and giving those extra pair of hands when I especially needed them.  Thanks Jerry!

Ok, let’s build an airplane!

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