Inventory & Organization

Today was a non-building day.  I focused on getting a bunch of items that I received in an Aircraft Spruce shipment inventoried, organized and stored, along with some other items that needed the same.

I try not to go too long in-between entering everything I order into my tracking spreadsheet.  In the spreadsheet I track every item that I’ve bought, and I have a list of every item I plan to buy & schedule of what timeframe I’m going to buy it (that’s the project manager in me coming out!).  So, in my spreadsheet I list everything under 6 main categories:

  • Bought
  • Phase I – Materials (required for building: wood, metal, foam, etc)
  • Phase II – Parts (metal aircraft parts, hinges, etc)
  • Phase III – Major Components/Finish (electrical, engine, prop, avionics, paint, etc)
  • Phase IV – Post Build Items (AC Cover, Anti-static spray, gust locks, etc)
  • Tools

After my inventory spree, I drew out my initial plans for lo-vaccing the armrests and rollover assembly.

I also checked the 7-ply BID layups on the seatbelt bracket hard points and they looked good so I pulled the peel ply off and called it a night.

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