Section VI – Back to Brake

First off, I prepped the plastic and peel ply for the second and final round pre-preg kits for glassing the main gear.

I then spent a decent amount of time reviewing the Section VI plans to ensure I was not screwing anything up (which I’m quite adept at sometimes!  HA!)

I broke into the hardware bins to get the screws & nuts that would be used to hold the landing brake ‘door’ to the hinge and the mounting brackets (LB18) that will actually hold the landing brake door to the electric actuator arm.  Note: Even though the hinge is floxed into the landing brake, it clearly needs a little more something to hold it on, so screws are installed through the inside & outside layers of glass with the hinge lying in between the two layers of glass.

I marked the landing brake for the 4 hinge holes and the 4 holes for LB18.  I then drilled all the holes and installed the screws on the hinge and on both sides of the LB18 brackets.

Section VI - Landing Brake Attachments

Section VI - Landing Brake Attachments


I then called it a night and spent a fair amount of time reviewing the Wing Build in Chapter 19 of the plans.


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