Section VI – Landing Brake… & console stuff

I permanentaly installed the landing brake/landing brake hinge with flox.  I bent the hinge pin as per CP 30 so it looked like a wavy piece of wire.

The flox squeezed out from under the hinge plate into the hinge itself, so I had to keep working it back and forth to to get all the excess flox out.

Also, before mounting, I constructed a 0.5 mm anodized aluminum shim for the middle hinge bolt hole area to keep the hinge straight.

Section VI - Landing Brake

Section VI - Landing Brake

I gathered up all the individual parts of the Chapter 16 and 24 consoles, arm rests & front seat ribs for some pics, as shown below:

Chapter 16 & 24 - Side consoles & Armrests

I also grabbed a few more pics of the Chapter 8 top of the front seat back.

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