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Alright….Finally!  Today’s major push was getting the motorcycle lift —that I picked up CHEAP at Harbor Freight for my custom motorcycle project (that gets finished after this airplane!)— out from under the fuselage and into the room just behind the garage.  A room that once served as a billiards hall that now is a parts predeployment & storage facility… did I mention I want to get this bird finished and out of my house!  ha!

(sorry for the blurry pic)

Blurry Pic

Apparently the gods favored me this day because when I measured the width of the motorcycle lift crate it was 29″ wide.  The doorframe leading into the house surprisingly was over 30″.  Could it be this EZ?  Well, besides this thing weighing a LOT, it was fairly EZ.  Especially since I had it on 2 furniture mover dollies.

Moving bike lift out!

When I took my big behemoth Eaton compressor out of my other house to store it at a friend’s house, I had bought 2 more furniture dollies to mount it on to make it mobile.  Since I just recently sold that compressor, I was able to reclaim those furniture dollies, which came in real handy here. I simply slid the motorcycle lift through the door and off the garage dollies onto the set of dollies inside the house.

Moving bike lift out!

It took around 30 minutes total, but I got this beast moved!

Moving bike lift out!

It’s nice to have my shop floor back (to an extent) and be able to freely move the fuselage around.

Ahhh, working space!

Obviously, it’s still a bit tighter quarters than I prefer, but hey, it beats the micro-garage I was working in while in Germany!  So alles ist gut!

Time to get to work!

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