Tooling Up – Back to compressor closet

After messing around with planning out the Triparagon top shelf mounted components install, I then got back to work on the air compressor bump out.

First up, I used the remainder of the new roof underlayment to wrap the exterior of the compressor bump out. The amount remaining after I finished was literally just a few square feet so it worked out perfectly and I used up the entire roll of wrap/underlayment.

I then set the first panel and tacked it in place with a few screws.

Next came the lengthy process of measuring out, cutting and fitting the lower panel around the inboard support arm for the exterior mini-split HVAC unit. By the time I cut the lower panel, deburred it and then set it in place it was nearly dark. And then after trimming the upper panel to fit and setting it in place with a few screws, it WAS dark.

Tomorrow will be the coldest day yet this year, so I plan on loading up all the old metal roof panels and delivering them to a nearby horse farm that wants them (for some reason). But I’m happy to be rid of them and donate them to someone who can get good use out of them. With my trailer hooked up to the truck, I’ll then grab some more large foam insulation panels for the interior of the workshop.

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