Tooling Up – Roof Cleanup

Yep, more boring stuff… especially the inevitable cleanup of the old roof panels. The good news is that some friends of friends run a horse rescue farm and said that they could seriously put these panels to good use… and seriously wanted them.

“Great!” sez me, so I loaded them all up into my trailer (man, am I getting my money’s worth out of this thing!)

And delivered them to the farm. That was a good 4 hours of total time and a lot of work!

On the way back home, with trailer attached, I decided to grab a big load out of my small storage unit before it got dark. This load contained a couple of the big/heavy items that would be way more difficult to grab with just my truck… which I normally just do a bed full to ease unloading time and effort at the house [Case in point: It took over 3 hours to unload all this at the house].

The workshop roof I consider build related, my stuff out of the storage unit is not. But it is “Wade’s time” related so I thought I’d throw it on this post. Here is all that remains in my small storage unit. I’ll have it cleared out by 31 Dec and thus more money every month for plane and tool toys.

Not bad considering 6 weeks ago I wouldn’t have been able to stuff a medium sized box into this storage unit. It was seriously full to the hilt, floor to ceiling.

My larger 10×20 storage unit is about 25% full. But I don’t honestly think I’ll get the big furniture out of there until about mid-January. Too many things to get situated in the house and not enough time in each day as I focus on the workshop!

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