Tooling Up – Beams Complete!

I started off today by cutting and installing the right side 2×10 internal support strut by nailing it to the existing pole. Shortly after these shots were taken I ran to Lowe’s for some more hardware and installed 2 x 5/8″ lag bolts to hold this puppy into place.

Again, this added support strut is just a bit of insurance to have a physical support under and across the new beams and attached to the old post. These beams are quite heavy and I figured it could do nothing but help the old posts to have an extra helping hand support-wise.

I then spent well over an hour marking, augering and installing pairs of 1/2″ x 10″ lag bolts at the top and bottom of each internal support block position… 8 pairs total. They are bit difficult to see on the front side of the beams, but they’re there.

Here’s an aft side shot of the pairs of lag bolts all down the aft face of the beams.

I then finished wrecking my right elbow by nailing in 12 joist-to-beam hurricane tie brackets.

I missed 2 joists because the top 1/2″ lag bolts happened to come through at those spots, so I’ll buy 2 opposite style ties and install them on the opposite side of the joist as compared to these already installed.

I then cut and installed the left end 2×10 added support strut. I do need to do a bit more work to dial in the attaching lag bolts, but it’s pretty darn close to complete.

Yeah, a couple minor things to polish up, but I’m calling the beams install complete!

Tomorrow I’ll tear down the front and aft temp walls, as well as finish clearing out the remaining old wood from the now-removed middle pole to fill the hole with concrete.

It was a challenging project, but the space afforded and ability to have the Long-EZ project in this area with wings attached is HUGE!

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