Tooling Up – Temp Walls Down

With the beams up and secured and the middle pole removed, today is temp wall removal day!

I started by removing the aft right wall section and the front left wall section, as the shot below shows…

And from the opposite direction:

Quite a few hours later, I had gotten all the walls down and disassembled. I stacked up the nails free lumber against the side wall, while the wood laden with nails I piled up for later… “later” as when my old elbow feels able to pound nails out for a solid hour!

Here we have the last section of temp wall left to be dismembered.

Again, from a different angle showing the free standing middle beams.

And with the bird put away for the evening. I did not set the fuselage in “its place” yet because tomorrow I’ll finish removing the remains of the old center pole and filling the hole with concrete.

It’s supposed to be quite stormy this weekend… lots of wind and rain, so no building the air compressor bump out for a few days. I have a ton of other indoor tasks to undertake so I’ll continue to stay busy on the workshop prep.

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