Tooling Up – Compressor Room Roof

I got a call that my workshop roof panels are in, so I should be getting those delivered within the next day or two….

I then started off today taking a good hour to trace out the remaining electrical circuits in my shop. I had already done maybe over half of them, and finished the job this morning. I found some areas that I can improve efficiencies and save some space in the quite packed electrical panel by combining some lighting circuits.

I was then preparing to shingle the air compressor closet/bumpout roof when my airplane seat cores arrived. Well, that caused quite a kerfuffle… haha! And after all the excitement was over (it really isn’t… very happy with the seats!) I got back to work on the roof.

I used shingles simply because I had them on hand. The black shingles are from when I built my small shed for my previous house, and the lighter shingles were for a color match I had to do for a roof repair on the first house I sold in northern Virginia back in 2016 (not this last house I just sold). I didn’t have enough black shingles, so I merely combined the two colors… not a bad look I think. Although, who will see this??

Another shot of the shingled air compressor closet roof. Not perfect, but I think this dawg will hunt!

Note the vent on the top of the roof that I intentionally installed backwards –to help keep rain out of the air compressor closet– under the main roof overhang …

Here’s what it looks like from inside and is simply for providing fresh air to the compressor to help keep that beast cool.

I also added some wall vents… one on each side and two directly behind the air compressor’s cooling fan.

I also prepped the workshop window nearest the compressor closet to be replaced since the old one was, well . . . old and also had some broken panes. Since I’ll be adding foam insulation sheets around the shop side of the air compressor closet, I’m working the entire wall to be finished in and around the closet door. In addition, I’ll be mounting the inside HVAC blower unit above the air compressor closet door.

After tomorrow my workshop efforts will slow to a crawl for a few days during the Thanksgiving holiday festivities. But I will pick back up post haste following some Turkey, wine and football!

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