Tooling Up – Replacing Window

Yep, more shop stuff. Trust me, I’d rather be posting amazing and exciting details on my Long-EZ build, but gotta have a heated shop this winter and a cooled one this next summer for that to happen.

I’ve created the floor space for airplane building by removing the center pole and installing 4 huge beams, and I’m much closer to wrapping up the air compressor closet and associated HVAC unit install.

My 30 foot long roof panels were delivered today, but a box I ordered of critical self-tapping screws for the panel seams was not with the delivery… so tracking those down.

This is an old shop, built in the mid-1980s. The size is great and after looking for nearly 2 years for a house down in this area, it truly was the only property I found that had a “plug-n-play” shop that was big enough to finish the Long-EZ. At least, let’s say a house in my price range. But with the raw format of size and basic structure, there are certainly some issues I have to deal with.

For instance, on the property plat my workshop is identified as a barn. Thus, I’m thankful it has 100A electrical service to it. But it does not have the aforementioned heat or AC, and there are literally some gaping holes on the structure. Two of those gaping holes are in the form of missing glass panes on the pair of windows on the back side of the workshop. The left one is shown here (just before I removed it).

After doing the mundane task of going back and filling in all the blank spots to secure the compressor closet exterior sheeting with screws, and another requisite trip to Lowe’s for more materials, I then got busy removing the chain link fence security apparatus and building out the window frame. I then installed a new window… a cheaper one, but still much nicer than what was there.

In an email conversation with my buddy Dave, we were discussing sound mitigation for air compressors. He mentioned rubber pads for the compressor feet, so I took this pic to show him what I’m using on my compressor.

Tomorrow will be a short day, but I’ll continue to do as much as possible over this holiday week.

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