Tooling Up – Compressor’s long trek

Today I started out by initiating the long-haul move of the air compressor from the garage back to the workshop.

Here we have the beginning of the air compressor’s long trek to the workshop.

I had considered leap-frogging pieces of wood sheeting to make it over the grassy area, but then I further assessed the pea-graveled grass area and decided I would chance not using the wood sheeting… and with a “running” start it worked out fine as I just kept it rolling non-stop from the front to the aft pad of concrete.

I then spent a good hour measuring, cutting and installing the wide 2×10 and 2×6 lumber around the installed doorframe to add reinforcement and buttress up the surrounding wall.

I then unveiled the air compressor and set it in front of the air compressor closet door opening to provide a preview of how it will fit [I can’t fit the compressor into its closet while it’s on the pallet since it’s too tall. But once it’s removed it will fit just fine].

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