Tooling up – Compressor room door

I didn’t really get a lot done on the air compressor closet today, but I did get a bit knocked out.

I started off with a trip to Lowe’s to pick up another round of much-needed items. I then grabbed a load of stuff out of my storage unit in search of my hammer drill… which will allow me to easily drill the holes in the concrete to hard mount the compressor. I think I’m close to the box that has my hammer drill, so within the next day or so I should have it in hand.

Later in the evening I finally finished cutting out the metal doorway that leads into the new air compressor closet. I then cut the 2×6 doorframe that leads into the air compressor closet, after which I nailed the doorframe together and installed it into place.

Here we have simply another angle showing the framed and installed air compressor closet doorframe.

And a shot showing the interior air compressor closet framing.

Tomorrow I plan on getting a whole lot more knocked out on the air compressor closet…

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