Tooling Up – Compressor closet walls

Yesterday I framed out the walls on the air compressor closet and was also able to get the roof joists in place.

This pic was taken mid-day . . .

And these below right before it got dark… which happens so quickly now.

Here you can see I have the roof joists in place. The entire structure is just a tad bit taller than I’d like, an inch and a half to be exact, since in my mad rush to both design and build –pretty much concurrently– I forgot to account for my 1-1/2″ thick bottom stud plate in my measurements. This of course drove the roof joists right up under the existing joists.

Here’s a shot of the left side. If you’re wondering about the chain link fence over the windows, I guess the previous owners thought that this was a sort of poor man’s security bars or something.

DAY 2: As a side note, my Porter Cable framing nailer stopped working after 15 years of faithful service, so I ordered a refurb kit for it… which I did some poking around on the Internet today to find the best deal.

I then took advantage of the Black Friday sales (and some other discounts I scored!) to order my Mini-split HVAC system from Lowe’s and also grab all the insulation I’ll need for both the shop ceiling and the air compressor closet. I have to say that buying in bulk here got me contractors’ pricing and I saved a ton.

I then went home and finished cutting and attaching all the sheeting (save 11″ on the lower edge of the roof) to the framed air compressor bump out.

Here we have the right side of the air compressor closet.

And here’s the left side.

Note I took a bit of time to build some cantilevered 2×6 arms extending from the air compressor closet’s left wall that will be used to mount the mini-split air conditioning system’s external condenser unit.

Rain is forecasted for tomorrow, but I’ll continue to work as much as I can on the interior of the air compressor closet.

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