Tooling Up – More Workshop Stuff

I ran around this morning to pick up more supplies and then returned home as I awaited the delivery of my mini-split HVAC system… which arrived mid-afternoon.

I then stowed it away in the work shop and ran out to get even more supplies, including more OSB sheeting for the next segment of wall that I intended on insulating and covering.

My first task was to remove all the nails and an entire row of wire hooks installed on the top board, with many of them having ropes hanging down off of them.

And yes, the stains look pretty nasty on the lower portion of the walls. I’m not sure what material they used, but it seems to be holding up well even though they all look terrible… and as a point of note it’s not mold.

I then cut the 2″ thick foam pieces and inserted them in-between the wall purlins (boards). After the insulation was in place I simply installed three 4×8′ OSB panels in a row. I still have the very corner strip to finish, but this was a good stopping point for the evening . . . except…

I then spent a good 30 minutes prepping and then mounting my peg board —which survived the tornado, but looked like a pretzel when I found it in the hangar— on the wall. Actually, I only ensured it was level and then mounted just the top screws. I’ll get the lower screws installed later.

If the weather is good tomorrow I’ll spend a good amount of time prepping and then start on replacing the workshop roof panels. Once the roof is done (as much as I can do over the next few days…to a week) I’ll get back to installing the mini-split HVAC system and then the air compressor.

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