Tooling Up – New Shop Roof Installed

Again, because the days are so short, this is a recap of the last few days… bottom line is that the new workshop roof is installed! That makes the 2 biggest upgrade tasks on the shop complete:
1) the big center beam that allowed removal of the center pole, and
2) a new NON-Leaking roof

Since the weather was forecasted to be good for a couple of days, my immediate task was to remove 5 rows of old roof panels. At 2 feet wide apiece, this again would provide me a 10′ wide strip to lay in my 9 foot-wide underlayment.

Before I removed all the old roof that was serving as a work platform as well, I set about to dispense with a somewhat iconic feature of the ‘ol workshop: the 1930s era old Soviet surplus (looks like!) light. This thing has cast iron mounts and weighs a ton…. seriously!

Anyway, I removed the light from the corner pole, which, not surprisingly, is a huge leak source at the front corner of the shop.

I then grabbed my cheap trusty Harbor Freight chain saw and ridded myself of ye ‘ol corner post.

And down she came with a mighty thud!

Below left is the last vestige of the old roof and below right is nothing but future opportunities! haha!

I then set about the multi-hour effort of replacing bad joists and purlins.

Before it got too dark I then tacked in the 9 foot-wide strip of underlayment.

I was able to get the first panel installed before it got way too dark to see. In fact, I was using the flashlight feature to set the screws to the proper height by the time I finished installing the first of the three 3′ wide panels. I then set (not installed) the other 2 panels in their respective places and called it a night.

The next morning I screwed panel #2 into place, then attached the final strip of underlayment in before attaching panel #3.

In then installed panel #4 of this final effort… the last new panel! The new workshop roof is installed!

(minus some trim that is on order will go on the front and carport side…)

New roof install mission complete.

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